Bachelor Science - Year 1

Algorithmic & Programming
Kamal BeydounAntoun YaacoubSarah AlamehNancy AlRazzakHasan HmedehAli Noureldin

Algorithmic & Programming

The objective of this course is to introduce students to the basics of imperative programming which is one of the most effective paradigms of modern programming. Thus, the theme of algorithmic will be discussed to prepare the continuation of the course. Indeed, an algorithm expresses the logical structure of a solution to a given problem and this independently of any language and any machine. Algorithmic is one of the key steps in teaching programming. Then, it is a matter of applying the knowledge approached in algorithmic through the mastery of a programming language. This is precisely the purpose of this second part of this module which aims to equip students with the background necessary to master a given programming language, in this case the C language, which is at the base of many others. Our objectives are summarized as follows:

  • Learn the basic concepts of algorithmic
  • Be able to implement these concepts to analyze simple problems
  • Mastering abstraction mechanisms in order to analyze a problem and systematically design correct and adequate algorithms and programs
  • Implement, using the C language, the algorithms solving a particular problem
  • Master the basics of modular programming